I don't have the slightest idea how my computer works.

It always takes time to get used to a new place.

Sherman doesn't want to end up being an old maid.

You were lying, right?

We're not here to make friends.

Each child has an individual way of thinking.

This wine is over a year old.

Doris is considerate of everybody's feelings.


She is a woman of noble birth.

Were you a friend of Sid's?

You've heard it here first!

They work together.

He's a former child actor.

Ranjit seemed OK.

I shook my head a few times.

You look good today.

Are you new here?

Dr. Smith gave me some meds to calm down, but I didn't take them.

That stinks of cheese.


They just announced that on the radio.

Have you ever tried not being rude to people?

There was no need to call the doctor.


It was exactly like you said it would be.

She cancelled an appointment.

Shatter didn't look as interested as Collin.

This table is full of woodworm.

You're making that up, aren't you?

Blake was pretty shaken up.

This athlete is strong and agile.

Gilles is helping me.

I'm having a very hard time finding parts for my car.


Please choose a stronger password.

Confirm your reservation in advance.

Dwarves called Mithril 'the true silver.'

I'll wait for him for an hour.

Nobody's laughing.

I resolved to break up with her cleanly.

There's something awfully familiar about Peggy.

I had to get away from Boston.

Nici didn't seem to care that nobody seemed to like him.

I really didn't see it coming.

They should do away with these conventions.

The principal severely reproved the students whenever they made a mess in the hallway.

This did not satisfy Israel, and the relationship between them cooled.

He's good at his job.

I'll be out in a second.

He said he was hungry, and then he added that he was also thirsty.

He grabbed the chance to get a job.

It's high time you took a vacation.

I'm also dating someone from the office.

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Wasn't he your boyfriend?


You haven't told me what we're doing.

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The engineers drew up plans for a new dock.

This is my favorite song on the album.

I'm no longer your assistant.

I want them to be happy.

Any word in Esperanto is easy to read.

That's a student my father teaches.

Can you answer the question, please?

I think you'd be crazy not to go.

There's no doubt that he's self-centred.

This is just a temporary break up.

I don't have any complaints.

Those times aren't coming back.

I have a cut here.

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In the fall we harvest our summer crops.

Jinchao is young and ambitious.

It was natural that everyone should like the girl.

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Is it going to hurt?

We could say that both of those balls are the same weight.

Margie planted fake evidence in Curt's house.

If she'd known the results, she'd have been shocked.

I'm not blaming you.


There's someone missing.

Drop the knife!

Stewart certainly doesn't need a loan.

He is sure that he will pass the next exam.

We assume that he is honest.

The nurse wore scrubs.

I had a dream about Jinny last night.

"I'm not allowed to say that!" - "What would happen if you did so anyway?"

I suggest you let me go.


Raman is busy making breakfast for the family.

A truthful politician? Pull the other one!

I am moving next month.

Spass's achievements speak for themselves.

Where is the police station?

You're safer here.

After the war, Britain had many colonies.

I just want my family back.

I told her to be careful.


I don't think I'll be needing anything else.

Malloy wants to be a lawyer.

Is there any likelihood that Mr Black will agree to the plan?


Juan and Roderick homeschool their daughters.

Might I ask you a personal question?

For a moment, Gordon's guard was down.

I could never do that to Lievaart.

At last a good idea struck me.

He was made to do so.

Clayton's injuries weren't as severe as Wes's.

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Have you got plans?

Nelken is very angry with me.

Do you have a license to sell liquor?

We'll all go to Boston next weekend.

I think you've got me confused with somebody else.

Jane has gone to France for good.

The desk that Ken uses is old.


Do you happen to know Sundar?

A small stream runs by my house.

Lar is a crusader.

You will harvest your wheat in July.

What do people expect?

You paid him four dollars.

All the people who were here have left.

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I went for a long walk.


As yet, the project is in the air.


I'd like to talk to John.

The young girl wants to be famous like Nicki Minaj.

The little girl stuck out her tongue at him.

I have a home in the mountains.

Let's put this money aside for our summer trip.


Mysore tried to sneak into the nightclub.


If you didn't put this here, then who did?


What does your remark have to do with the subject we are talking about?

We don't need to do that now.

Guess who's coming tonight.

Gail found a rattlesnake under the bed and he quickly killed it.

I'll need to make some more tests.

Down came the rain in torrents.

Our parents took care of us and now it's our turn to take care of them.

Do you want to grab a bite to eat somewhere?

How long will they stay?

Sam just kept walking.

If only the two of us would meet!

She got happy.

It's late already. Hurry up!

Denis, shut up and listen to me.

We spoke in a low voice to avoid waking up the baby.

Princess Alice of Greece was deaf and could lip-read in three languages.

An eagle was soaring high up in the air.


I think Andy might know something.

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The woman reached for the knife on the table.

You've done it!

How long have you been married?

She ordered him to do it.

I am an engineer.

A butane cylinder weighs 35 kg.

The smaller the body, the more likely the person will suffer from the ill effects of radiation.

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They're loading crude oil onto the ship.


The car is in front of the garage.

The student made acquaintance with that woman last year.

I've ordered you a hamburger.

You will be taken for an ill-mannered person if you do so.

What is the temperature?

Sugih could've died.

Monarch butterflies are beloved for their spectacular migration across Canada and the United States for overwintering sites in central Mexico - and back again.

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She trusted me and she would tell me anything.

Ahmed and Stephanie were not famous.

What is your aim in life?


Cristopher got back home after dark.

Scott said to say hello.

I've been to Boston three times.


Because of the accident I went too late to school.

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Don't worry. I won't tell him.


This is the very dictionary I've been looking for.

This is a knife.

You know the way, don't you?

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We need another day to finish this job.