This room's location is great.

I'm not married yet.

When did you see her dancing with him?

Don't get up too quickly.

Pieter was positive that the camera Shannon had was his, but it wasn't.

Ramadoss held Nora tight.

The functions sine and cosine have a range of values between -1 and 1, inclusive.

You know what they say about Konrad.

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I bought bread, coffee, sugar and the like.

This'll do.

Since when do you care about rules?

It must have been very difficult for you.

I won't willingly give up this house. I'll leave it either in handcuffs or in a coffin!

Write it down here, please.

"Have a great weekend!" "Same to you!"

It was twenty years ago as I look back on it.

Are you sure you want that one?

Raif received an overnight accommodation allowance for his trip and was reimbursed his out-of-pocket expenses.

He doesn't read books, but when it comes to television, he watches it day and night.

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Do you have anything?

How much did we lose?

Please tell Patrice that it's broken.

Mikey thanked Cathrin for her help.

I must have my car repaired.

Where do you go to school?

I'm not too keen on it.

The crops have withered.

You'd better let me do that.

We'll go visit him.

Pierce says Dimitry was there that night.

They cleared the streets of snow.

Try to get them on the phone.


One day, you will understand.

His name is known to me.

Would you stop that caterwauling?

Why would Jurevis have been here?

It was yesterday that I saw him.

In such a case, notify his family.

I cutting myself.

Curtis had a feeling that Marilyn would be late.

He doesn't know English.

If you have time, why don't you drop by his gallery?

10 years have passed since then.

This bridge has become our national icon.

What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?


Kanthan smiled eagerly.

Teresa can't make himself understood in French.

I was compelled to go there.


Gregor is not being careful.

I talked to him again.

Did you miss the game?

I fell in love with her the moment I met her.

How about another piece of cake?


I'll have Rahul mow your lawn for you.

It's a very special place.

He took credit for my idea.

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You're the one who invited Ssi.

Grant was not worried about supplies.

Astronomy is at the same time the most ancient and the most modern science.

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Trust me on that.

In the first place, you should be punctual.

Let me introduce Mr Sato to you.

I must admit, I have some misgivings about your plan.

He got his pilot's license.

I wonder where he has gone.

What's up with you and them?

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Thanks for the advice, Miles.

Anne accepted Henry's proposal.

We attached the invoice concerning the payment.


Give me the files.

I know it means a lot to her.

I was afraid of being put into a closet.


Are you a member of your local library?

Thank you very much for informing me that the shipment will be delayed.

Management wants you gone by the end of the day.

Everybody needs help sometimes.

Ronni isn't sick anymore.

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Duncan pointed at the security camera.

Marshall arrived back home safely.

I forgot that Clara didn't speak French.

Objects of the preposition are always a what?

There are many commercial firms in New York.

Joseph has a limp.

We held a pleasant conversation.

I have good ears.

She lives in Kyoto.

I'm sure you won't enjoy it.

I want to make love this night and I don't afraid any sin.


I have a surprise for you, sweetheart.


I could not afford to pay back my debt.

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Fishing is not allowed here.

Suffice to say, Edna gets no work done.

He's often late for work.

We'll stop you.

Does Corey know about it?

Charley is important.

I told Siegurd to stop crying.

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Mother often got angry with us.

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I cannot leave them completely alone in the shop.

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Did you notice any errors?


Wouldn't you like another glass of beer?

You don't really care about me.

Tell her I'll be right there.

Boy am I glad to see you.

Jerry isn't very important.

I like your hair.

I made a list of people I wanted to invite to my party.


Don't miss out!

Is her father alive?

He's a wheeler-dealer.

I'm not sure whether to stay home or go out.

Don't be late to school tomorrow.

Let's pick up the pace.

The bottle Scott was holding had a purple label.

Sandra was wearing flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt.

Stop it! You're making her feel uncomfortable!

I'd like to change the way my room looks.

I used to write in my diary every day when I was young.


Why do they do this?


I had to study French in high school.


I remember many things.

He's a samurai.

We could have our tea in the garden, were it a little warmer.


"How did you two meet?" "It's a long story."

The vitamin pill contains abundant nutrition.

Joel has lost a lot of weight.

Why have the apes evolved more than other animals?

We should be going now.

Third year students were not invited.

On arriving at the station, she rang up her mother.

Humiliation is the beginning of sanctification.

Going to school during the rush hour is tiring and unpleasant.

Can I borrow your headphones?

We will visit our teacher next week.

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'Philosophy' is a Greek word that means the love of wisdom.


It's going to stay that way.

I wouldn't be too surprised if Evelyn didn't get a good TOEFL score.

Seychelles is called "Sesel" in Seychellois Creole.

I was looking for something to do.

Birds are pecking at the grounds.


I'm afraid she can't answer.

This is broken.

Esperanto changes the problem, because one can learn Esperanto as well as his mother tongue -- and perhaps even better than it.

That sounds pretty good.

Do you want to be on my team again?

Do you have any ones?

Go ahead, open it.

Did you know the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary?

Pray with all your heart.


This is the house where that poet lived when he was a child.


Send him to me!

Sanand has a friend named Rajendra.

Marci needs money.


I didn't hear any cars.

I came here to make you an offer.

Michael never knew Guillermo.

A storm is going to batter Brittany in the coming hours.

Jin strangled Joanne with a rope.


We couldn't go out because of the snowstorm.

I was in shock.

Do we have enough glasses?

I've always been proud of her.

Tatoeba: Where sentences get owned hard.

"Whose camels are these?" "They are Musa's."

It was a pretty little house, strong and well-built.

Leave the matter to me. I'll see to it.

Nobody mentions my country.


The name of my city is Jhelum.