Last night, I heard dogs howling.

You are vegetarian.

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I'm very much aware of the danger.

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We need to work together in order to make Tatoeba a better website.

Change underwear daily.

Bucky was really tired.

You can't rely on him.

A housewife should be economical.

Monica's father left her all of his money.

This book was written by Haley.

They have a very involved system of bookkeeping here.

I don't want her to be angry.

He is a waiter and an actor.

But confessed freely, I am not the Christ.

Let's switch.

In my past life, I was a forest.

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All of the city was under water.

You sure look handsome today, Rebecca.

The baby's kicking.


Lynnette always plays it safe.

We won't be able to arrive home in time.

His child behaves well.

I wish Tuan were here with me now.

I think Horst is honest.

I love you anyway!

It's so muggy; I think it will thunder in a short while.


The more you possess, the more you desire.


I'm sick of talking about it.


Tell me how to find Pamela.

I've been working in the same company for ten years.

I used to think it didn't really matter what I fed my dog.

I don't mind anymore.

Maria hasn't watched the news yet.

I will be playing a tennis match on Saturday with my boyfriend Cyril.

It is such a nice thing to say that I felt the need to say it.

The streets of New York are very wide.

Frederick fell in love with a beautiful German girl.


Alvin doesn't want to do anything but watch TV.

Why can't we just go home?

You can have a slice of pizza if you want.


Do you like solving puzzles?


Do you want to have lots of money?

Most people don't know that the language Lojban exists.

This street is in Paris.

Germans have no sense of humour? I don't find that funny!

You know yourself best.


Let's do our job.

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The Japan team won the gold medal in the game.

What Beth did was dangerous.

You must quit drinking.


I thought you wanted to get out of here.


The woodwind section is too loud again.


Dr. Rueda arrives.

Marian concealed his anger from Sal.

Lie on your left side.

I only want to talk.

One hundred dollars will cover all your expenses for the trip.

See you in church on Sunday.

Rain is like ambrosia as World cannot exist without rain.

Your plan sounds good, but the bottom line is: will it bring us more business?

Every time an artist dies, part of the vision of mankind passes with him.

I'm suggesting it's a possibility.

She calls him every night and talks for at least an hour.

The report of victory turned out to be a little premature.

I'll come as soon as ever I can.

He sensed that threat early in his career.

I am weak in geography.

A ball is floating down the river.

He took to insulting his parents.


I'm all for her proposal.

Horses run.

I arrested one.

Somebody have the guts to admit that these vuvuzelas are killing the tournament.

What've you prepared?

I know a girl whose father is a lawyer.

She had her blouse ironed by her sister.

Although I was tired, I did what I was able to do.

This is a good dictionary for high school students.

Ask Trang if she's going out tonight.

My report is due tomorrow.

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She said that she would come back again, which was a lie.

Students are expected to stay away from dubious places.

Where was this picture taken?

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I said maybe.

We're having a nice time in Boston.

Decide for yourself what you think is normal.

You did lose them, but gained me.

Keep an eye on this suitcase.

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He is a natural leader who likes to work with groups of different and renewing partners.


Nothing has been heard from him since he left for America.

If I feel inclined to, then I will try to contact the manager.

Why did you say that to them?

They fought for their homeland.

It took a long time for me to get accustomed to the Venezuelan accent.

The stomach is one of the internal organs.

Nick needs time to think it over.

I want to get cigarettes.

I began a meeting with her.

Can you imagine Babel's splendor?

The leather jacket has worn out at the elbows.

They had a good reason to be happy about it.

She naturally sacrificed everything for the sake of raising her children.

He plays Minecraft day in, day out.

Starbuck took some papers out of his briefcase and showed them to Irving.

My husband was behind me every step of the way.

I miss talking with you.

I'm right, aren't I?

You're Louise's wife, aren't you?

You could tell by the ear-to-ear grin that came to his face that he really had something to smile about.

Next time, I'll drive.

What did you say?

Am I forgetting anything?

Let's drink one more and I'll drive you home.

"Here's your confession." "I'm not signing that."

Konrad explained it in detail, but I still don't get it.

What does that suggest to you?

What did you request from him?

After that, internal temperature begins to climb rapidly.

That's my problem.

Amedeo seemed anxious.

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Charles and Bradley bought an Oriental rug.

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That apple was really tasty.


I started to think I had behaved foolishly.

The children whirled about the garden.

I want to learn how to play the guitar.

You seem to be busy now.

Credit card companies are not looking so hard at credit ratings.

I wish I could've helped Owen.

Would you leave the door open, please?

Gretchen was stretched out on the floor.

As soon as I get paid, I'll pay you back.


Get on it.

I'm going to empty this cabinet so that you can use it.

I searched anxiously, but I found nothing.

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Starbuck is covered in slimy goo.

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I wouldn't blame you if you preferred to leave.

I hope everyone knows what this means.

The bottle is full.

The article is nowhere to be had.

She did it again.

The plan did not meet with his ideas.

How long did you work for them?

I'm from Japan.

I've got no problems at all with it.


You aren't the only one who likes baseball. Jeffie likes it, too.

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I just needed directions.

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This system of linear equations has infinitely many solutions.

He teaches in a girls' high school.

This hotel belongs to my brother-in-law.

If you have a question, please ask me.

It's been a pleasure doing business with you.


She hired him.

"You're so beautiful. What's your name?" "Mind your own business."

His poem reads as follows.

You will be able to swim well next summer.

At the time, we were very tired.

Hunter snorted soda from his nose in astonishment.

You'll never know unless you try.

I believe you are honest.

Our father, who is in heaven.

How could you turn me in?

My uncle went to sea at 18.

I have a part-time job.

You can swim very well.

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Michel lived in an interesting part of Boston.

A bank lends us money at interest.

Mercury was the messenger of the gods.

She always clears the table after a meal.

Finally, I managed to publish it.