Kirk tried to cut the delicious-looking meat with a dull knife.

What time do you land in Perth?

Let's stop wasting time and get on with this work.

It's her problem, not mine.

I'll try her out as a secretary.

Terry has been waiting for you.

Andy has lived here for thirty years.

We've reached a stalemate in our relationship.

Bert's car was going southbound on Park Street when it was T-boned by a car that ran a red light.

That's not going to help.

Raif apologized again.

I've seen them before.

Bruno is crazier than anyone else I know.

They demoted you.


James winked and blew a kiss.

Every effort deserves a reward.

Could you be a little more specific?

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Are you guys having any fun?

He dared not say no to my plan.

Mr Smith is a candidate for mayor.

Are you dressed?

Mah is emotional.


You have five minutes to get dressed and come downstairs.

Conrad was wrestling with his sexual demons.

Shouldn't we ask Juliet what he thinks?


You can depend on it.

How many races have you won?

The dentist does not want you to eat any sweets.


We have a good crop of tomatoes this year.


I'll not make that mistake again.

I wish you could have seen him pitch.

Did you do all this?

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He wriggled his way through the chairs.

Statements will be mailed every quarter.

I was struck by the content of his speech.

This word is still in use.

My car is parked outside.

You weren't at Woodstock like I was.

Colin was intoxicated.

Guess who I saw today.

I was just passing through town.

The strange thing about money is that it can limit one's behaviour.

Would you like a cup of milk?

With this, today's activities come to a close.

Open source is the engine that drives technological innovation.


If only you'd thought of that before shooting your big mouth off.

She gave him a piece of paper.

We had an examination in mathematics today.

I want you to be here when I get back.

Who will host the party?


Claire wasn't supposed to be here until 2:30.


It came as a surprise.

The fire is remembered in history.

"How was the test?" "It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be."


I've got this all under control.


They won't come.

I have fewer students than Pedro does.

There is no foreign land; it is the traveller only that is foreign.

How much cake can you eat?

Manuel branded the calf.


I don't recommend that.


He is well-liked.

I'm looking forward to seeing you one of these days.

We're all satisfied.


But if I were in Brazil, I would be much more afraid.

This is not a new car.

Don't let anyone turn off the light.

You may not like what you uncover.

He has started writing the dictionary in his native language.

Tell them to show up.

I have a boyfriend back home.

Daniele asked me for a glass of cold water.

All of a sudden, the enemy bombs came down on us like rain.

That's exactly what I want to hear.

Sarah wouldn't be surprised if Sally decided not to go.

Deirdre is likely to make a mistake.

Annard is looking for his glasses.


I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to be there on time.

I have the feeling I've already seen this movie.

When will we meet again?


We're adventurous.

You need not to have called me up so late at night.

Going to school during the rush hour is tiring and unpleasant.

I had no school today, so I spent the whole day at home watching TV.

You're pessimistic.

The top U.S. export to China was soybeans.

Your closet is already packed. You will have to make room for the new clothes you bought somewhere else.

It doesn't matter what happens to me.

I cannot give this dictionary to anyone.


Theodore is coming down the mountain.

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How about we hang together on the weekend? What do you say?

Bert and Harmon split up after being married for three years.

The child was paralyzed with fear.

Monica won't know.

Stuart, I'm in trouble. I need you to come get me.

Kamel doesn't understand what Lorenzo is trying to say.

She felt no shame at having said what she did.

Krzysztof was clearly interested in Amos. She was not the only one.

Shepard became an admiral in the United States Navy, the first astronaut to ever achieve such a rank.

Are you still scared?

Tell Andre I said hi.

He's a crackpot.

I can understand them.

Can you make that happen?

This is my best friend, Sylvan.


The Comoros is called "Komori" in Shikomoro.

My blue dress appeared with a blood stain.

Harold sold Carlos his car.

No arrests were ever made.

This is my mother.

I saw you dance once.

Typical girl talk!

Before Charlene met Jean-Pierre, he never seemed to be happy.

I like this dog.


Ernst became a soldier.


I spend a lot of time with her.

What's their connection to Manavendra?

He told me that his father was a doctor.

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Where did you spend your holidays?

I wrote back to her.

He is rich, but his older brother is poor.

I sincerely mean that.

This metal is free of rust.


We are basically writing in hieroglyphics without being aware of it.

I don't think this sentence is grammatically correct.

I should've kissed Darryl.

What's your favorite candy?

Dan didn't even bother knocking on the door.

If you want to travel to a store located 10 km from your house, and you drive at 50 km/h, it would take you 12 minutes to get there.

Helen is an obstinate boy.

Are you even listening to me?

I enjoy chess.

How was your trip?

I couldn't take my eyes off of you from the minute I entered this room.

Willie accidentally let off his father's shotgun and made a hole in the wall.

I coughed up blood.


I've never been fishing with Nici.


Nothing is more disappointing than to lose in the finals.

This is the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in.

I'll get back to you once I've got a handle on the situation.


From the terrace there was the magnificent view of Mont Blanc.

The soldiers battled on horses.

I just don't believe that.

I went to Boston to visit Lynne.

I can feel pain in both of my knees.

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I've never seen the Eiffel Tower.

Optical illusion makes the second object look larger than the first.

I ran all the way, otherwise I could not have caught the train.


I wouldn't hurt them.

The dog is running across the street.

You don't actually believe that story?


It was a collaborative effort.

Her only pleasure is listening to music.

Let me out.

He promised me that he wouldn't tell anybody.

Every law has its exception.

Let's have a closer look at this.

We've gone over this before.

Defy convention.

Are you sure that's how it's supposed to be done?

He took a taxi so as not to be late for the party.

I'd like to go out with her.

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It wasn't where Darrell said it would be.

I have serious doubts.

When the elevator goes up, the counterweight goes down.

Here's the letter from Hughes.

When I entered the room, Bill and Gary were laughing at something.

Could you take me to the cinema?

The charge was dropped.