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Search & Buy Raffle Tickets for Thousands of Items near You!

Swipe through the deck to discover prizes and see the number of tickets issued, sold and available.


Answer a Question & Buy More Tickets to Increase Your Odds!

Choose between 4 multiple-choice answers and select the number of tickets you wish to purchase.


View Your Raffle History & See All Tickets Together

Easily keep track of your raffle tickets and see the status of each raffle you’ve entered.


View Ratings & Reviews From All Winners

Find out what others are saying about raffle hosts by looking at their ratings and reading reviews.


Win Prizes Each Week Simply By Sharing

Each time you share a raffle in Facebook or Twitter you'll receive a FREE ticket to win that weeks £100 Bonus raffle.


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Invite friends, share your referral code, watch sponsored video ads or complete offers to get free credit.

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