She made a good speech.

I hear you've got a new girlfriend.

After you leave, we'll be very sad.

Excuse me, could you explain the meaning of this sentence to me?

This summer's day will be over all too soon!

Every child needs a father or a father figure in their life.

That was very easy.

Our family consists of five members.

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The three primary colors are the basis of all the other colors.


Avery may have done that already.

This guitar belongs to Jeremy.

Laurent said he had no reason to stay.


Mrs. Jones is teaching computer science.

I awoke this morning to find the summit of the mountain covered with snow.

We went to Boston to visit her.

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Where's my mama?

I can't let you leave.

Come what may.

This guy's good.

Alan said he didn't want to go to the park with us.

The jet plane flew away in an instant.

She disappeared two days ago.

Who will play the role of the princess?

What method of birth control do you recommend?


Why didn't you speak?


Everything was pretty equal.

I just followed convention.

I have a spare room.

Why did you leave the party early?

By the fact itself.

Michel was in a quandary about who to vote for in the election.

Stay here and help me.

She couldn't fall asleep because she was thinking about him.

Where's the bathroom?


I started working about 4 weeks ago.

Didn't you write him a letter?

I have a grenade.

I don't speak any Esperanto at all.

Ami's quick thinking saved the day.

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Nothing was changed.


I lived in China for six months.

All of this is very worrying.

I'll make sure Allan does that.

She's the laziest person I know.

What if I am poor?


I'm still thinking.

The relationship between Stu and Ramneek seems to me to be the most suspicious.

I like apples more than oranges.

Bring her to me.

I was really tired so I went to bed early.

I think I should check on him.

How did you find out that your brother lived there?

I can't afford to buy a used car, much less a new one.

I haven't heard from Jane since she moved to Tokyo.

I saw Christian sitting in the first row.

The exponential function has a horizontal asymptote.


All the characters in this book are imaginary.


I'm not taking advantage of their garden.


Everyone looks so happy to be there.

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We knew it all along.

This TV program seems to be very entertaining.

Michiel doesn't like being around children because he's always afraid of catching a cold from one of them.


This is my older brother.

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I get scared just walking past him.

Everybody was staring at him.

What's the minimum salary in France?

This soup smacks of fish.

Let's take turns driving.

He likes girls.

Each of us has his own hobby.

His irreligious statements are offensive.

I think he knew that.

I had some free time, so I wandered around town.

He donated a lot of money.

This driver is too small and isn't very useful.

We had good intentions.


We had a splendid holiday in Sweden.

Do you give to charity?

Do you go to church?


Donne swears a lot.

No wonder we associate bats with dark places.

You're the one who taught me how to do this.

It goes on forever.

She has an oval face.


Cherish this moment.

It's time to do something.

Homeroom teachers should make every effort to keep in touch with their students.

Who is taller, Ken or Taro?

I'm a childhood friend of Deb's.

Too many sweets cause your teeth to decay.

Where should we dispose of the waste?


I heard a knock on the door and it was Ravi.

I'm 25 years old and I've never had a girlfriend.

Her husband plans to publish a new monthly magazine.


Please get out the homework.

I still haven't decided who to give this to.

Where are you going all dolled up like that?

What've you prepared?

He likes travelling abroad by air.

The President vetoed the law after Congress passed it.

That surprised Jef.

Golf is for rich people.

She thought carefully before selecting the works she would place in the portfolio that she was submitting with her application to art school.


We all work too hard.

Peggy isn't in right now.

Kathryn looked through the microscope.

If you think it was my fault, you're barking up the wrong tree.

The two brothers look so much alike that it is difficult to tell them apart.

Anarchy can happen during wartime.

I should have taken the doctor's advice.

Not being heard is no reason for silence.

Sean has a license.

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Where exactly did you go?

Where did you learn all that?

Which bag is yours?

There are those who think, falsely, that video games are the source of all our ills.

I had a bad headache yesterday. That was why I was absent.

Will we have to wait?

Reinhard's friend from Austria will visit her at Christmas time.

Wes doesn't plan to go to Marion's concert.

My car is a gas-guzzler.


Why is Shutoku in Boston?

I hope you can make it on time.

Why don't you return to your quarters?

Leave the ice alone!

Let's not go to that restaurant again.

Jagath isn't doing anything.

I have a package for you.


Daniele will never come here again.

Land prices are very high in Japan.

Ginny died a little after 2:30 yesterday afternoon.


This hall holds a maximum of 1,000 people.

Do you have any pictures I can look at?

Sugar dissolves in water.

Matti spoiled the movie for Wes by telling her how it ends.

We've got no brakes!

If it were not for your advice I would fail.

This is the latest fashion this spring.

When will the MCA take place?

I think it's really cool.


He has blue eyes.


I was a science teacher.

Even a chief detective like Israel fails in doing his job, without the huge help of colleagues and associates.

Nobody wants to look for my car.

I'm on a budget, so I don't eat out more than three times a week.

Follow the old river bed for two kilometers.

Be watchful.

It is very impolite of you to decline my invitation.

I'm pretty sure Gregge's nervous.

I have seen a shooting star once.

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Something has to change.

He patted me on the back with a smile.

We care about each other.

What comes with deluxe room service?

You should see a doctor.


That was a pretty stupid thing to do.

When will she come home?

How do I know that you're not working for Laurent?

Vincent and Matthias were alone in the park.

Are you in?

"Charley is getting married." "Who's the lucky girl?"

Presley found it difficult to decide which one to buy.

I'm sure you'll find everything is in order.

I hate tomatoes.

He is his usual self.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is a Nintendo video game sold exclusively for the Wii.

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It was a great victory for Jackson.

How many years has Hohn lived in Boston?

They only sell women's shoes here.