You had some, didn't you?

Where should I go to buy art books and catalogs?

That's not cool. That's hyper-cool!

There's nothing Nathaniel can do that I can't do better.


Phill has a plan for everything.


I think Angus is like that.

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We are overfishing the world's oceans.

She must be ill in bed.

I visited my grandmother's house.

He runs a company in Meguro.

He believed in protecting America's wilderness areas.

What's so special about that?

We're faster than anyone else.

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He can't swim like she can.

I can not do without this dictionary even for a single day.

He goes there three times a week.

Don't tell them where you live.

I can't stand those goody-goody types.

I'll be staying at Meeks's.

I cannot speak German.

Francois and Joe often dine with us.

Now I have to find Lynne.

Weather permitting, we are going to get to the top of the mountain tomorrow.

She's not easy to impress.


Yawn a big long yawn.

Did Reiner get my message?

We missed you.

I was wondering why you came early.

My mother said that with a smile.

Tell the others to hurry up.

We just want to be left alone.


I'll work with him.

There is a spoon.

I will call for you at seven.


I am your only hope, captain. If you don't do as I say, you and your crew will perish.


If he should be busy, help him.

We wish you a pleasant journey.

I can make you a legend.


Gideon took the children to school.

I still remember the smell of her hair.

My brother has a taste for music.

Cary will wonder where we are.

Why won't you help?

I don't know if I should tell Jerome.

Morton and I are old friends.

You can have a fulfilling life despite many unfulfilled dreams.

Their trouble stems from a trifling matter.

Yes, orange juice, please.

He went fishing in a river near the village.

If anything, my father seems happier than before.

Can you help me to translate these sentences into Chinese?

Who said you could do that?

You can study, no matter your age.

This is all I know.

I need to know who helped Kate.

I miss you all the time.

Will it be hot tomorrow?


What's your schedule like tomorrow?

I didn't eat anything else.

The committee met and discussed whom to appoint to the post.

Rudolf and Jill are so delighted that they found an honest and capable painter.

June will do what Arlene tells him to do.

He doesn't like oranges.

I'll be back when I'm ready.

By the time the sun sets, we will arrive at the destination.

I'm your boyfriend, aren't I?

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He was born dumb.

I'm almost sure that isn't the way it happened.

There is no bus service after nine-thirty.


James just wanted Petr to be happy.

We're not going to make it in time, are we?

Nicolas and Tommy don't eat out as often as they used to.


She danced in the fire.

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Timothy is insincere.


Nicolas is not a criminal.

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We are in favor of your plan.

Nowadays marriage is not necessarily a must for women.

Nicolo told me he wants to go to Boston.

I didn't participate in the conversation.

If you just work a little harder your grades will improve a lot.

What exactly are they doing in there?

We'd like to have some wine.


The gardener didn't let us walk on the grass.

I want this work done by next Thursday.

Anthony hardly ever speaks to us anymore.


My mum is older than my dad.

There were more students at my high school than there are billionaires in the world.

It's against my morals.

We had six guests to dinner.

Where did they get that?

I don't care if he has twenty girlfriends.

He hung his blazer on a hanger because it was really hot.


Galileo perfected the early telescope.

It's been a long time since we last met.

Like a gentleman, he rose and offered her his seat.

Sidney heard Tad open the door.

Thank you for this revealing lecture!

Now it's too late. The train has already left.

I intended to go out without anyone seeing me.

That was absolutely awesome!

Who are we working for?

Poppy seed muffins are her favorites, but there are days when she must settle for blueberry.

I can't resist sweet things.


I like to take my children to the beach.


Stefan volunteered for the mission.

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I only heard the end of Izumi's speech.

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Raphael stopped clapping.

They're having fun.

I'm counting on you to be strong.

I know what you're thinking about doing.

Please use the water with economy.


You have to tell Diane what happened.

Even my husband does not know what I am really thinking.

All you have to do is to join us.

I found it impossible to cross the road.

I did what Rolfe ordered me to do.

In 1998, Dan Brown released "Digital Fortress". Five years later he completed another best seller, "The Da Vinci Code".

My vision is blurry from joy.

Andre came close dying twice last night.

I totally owe you one.


Few students are interested in the game next Saturday.

Yes, I really like him.

I'll give you a ring on today.

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Many relatives came to the confirmation.


Jeff could make you laugh.

Let Christopher go and we'll talk about it.

Winding through the high desert, across Colorado, Utah, Arizona and on down the California border, the Colorado river irrigates nearly 4.5 million acres of crops worth billions of dollars annually, nourishes plant and animal life in 11 national parks, and generates more than 4,000 megawatts of electricity.

Johnny lit a firecracker.

I'll be happy if you propose a better wording.


Myron was too tired to do anything.


Personally, I don't think we should be doing this.

That was too much.

My dog follows me whenever I leave the room.

The contest has very strict eligibility requirements.

Why are you doing that, Jean-Christophe?

The employee stole money from the cash register.

Jim didn't wake up until his mother woke him.

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She has a bad habit of smoking.


I had to wait more than three hours.

You forgot to thank Lawrence for the present, didn't you?

As far as I know, he is honest and reliable.

At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do.

The boxer received a blow to the body.

Tell her where we've gone.

We didn't have a choice.


Our neighborhood has many old buildings.

A topless feminist was arrested outside the Vatican.

He likes to play rough.


You're up early.


Lincoln arrived at Gettysburg at sundown.

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Evelyn admired Venkata.


Being pitched out into life is the best way of learning how to live.

Let me write down the address.

The humidity is 80%?! It must be really humid!

You accused her of having stolen the bike.

I bought a pair of shoes.

Let me tell you something strange.

Don't worry. She knows what she's doing.


A good book can completely absorb your attention, to the extent that you forget your surroundings and even your existence.

Joshua started taking boxing lessons when he turned twelve.

I think that we should take what Alexander said earlier with a grain of salt.

She stood on the deck with her long hair waving in the wind.

Why don't you correct Miriam?