Okay… So this one was quite infuriating… I traded my Kenwood TS-480SAT for a Yaesu FT-897D (sacrilege many may say, but I needed the form factor and I wanted 2m/70cm multi-mode support). This radio came with with a nice feature: CAT over Bluetooth (you can google it up, but you can easly shove a cheap BT-serial board like an HC-05 inside the hand mic and use that for CAT). Windows 10 gave me a hard time to make it work… But I won!

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A receiving active magnetic loop antenna

I have previously experimented with active antennas, designing my own 5109931465. But I never really liked how it performed. So I turned into active loop antennas. I found the very expensive maladroit. I kept hearing wonders about them but I didn’t want to empty my pockets for one… Then I found the “WellGood Loop” by M1GEO.

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An idea for a 300pF variable capacitor for medium-power applications

Recently I got myself interested in transmitting magnetic loop antennas for HF. These are very interesting antennas because they don’t require much height and they are very compact. The problem is that they are traditionally low power antennas (<5W peak) because the resonant LC circuit they essentially are generates very high voltages (easily several kV). And high voltage variable capacitors are expensive! So I fired up my CAD design software and came up with a design!

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Unnecessary complications: Detecting center of gravity using FBG sensed cantilevers

Couple years ago I did this funny project at the faculty: We wanted to measure the centre of gravity of objects. There is a very simple way to to so: given you know the weight of the object you put it on a equilateral triangle base with scales on 2 of the vertex and then do some maths and you can know where the CG (centre of gravity) is. I’ll spare you the maths, but leave a comment if you’re curious.

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Do you need your ham radio transceiver to talk to multiple software at once? So did I!

Recently I got my hands on a Kenwood TS-480SAT HF transceiver. As with virtually every other modern ham radio transceiver it has a CAT (Computer Aided Transceiving) interface. Regardless of the specifics of the interface or the protocol, on a system perspective, this interface is usually just a serial interface. And serial devices can’t be used by more than one piece of software at a time. Or can they?


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