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Patricia can do it better than me.

Good things in life often come at a cost.

The best way to see my home town is by ferry.


He seldom goes to church.

Do you think we can do it?

I know you're upset.

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No one has anything.


I owe him some money.

Indra is due back this afternoon.

I should have let you know sooner.

The team that the players hate to play against is Galatasaray.

What exactly do you want me to say?

Emmett used to be one of our employees.

I find interest in the social page in that newspaper.

He struck me in the face with his fist.

Here's the funny part.

I'm Mexican.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

They didn't argue much.

Thirst is the feeling of needing to drink something.

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Jong used to be overweight.

Maureen certainly enjoys his wine.

The trip wasn't all good - I got food poisoning and my classmate got Dengue fever.

I look like an old peasant.

A trombonist by trade, Harry sometimes doubles on the euphonium.

I don't like Sharon's dog.

He failed to do what he said.


They're very tense.

I won't die.

I'm not good at this sort of thing.


That one will run.

I didn't feel particularly nervous.

Tell Vick I'll call later this afternoon.


Steve and Frances are at a table in a quiet corner.

Louiqa tried to solve the problem, but couldn't.

Please be sure to bring some of your friends to the party.

It is kind of you to say so.

I asked them to come over.

Get out of the way of the TV!

Raj is thinking about moving to Boston.

I'll study your report.

He went as far as to call you a hypocrite.

You can invite whomever you desire.

How do we get them out of jail?

What are binaural beats?

What kind of briefcase did you get Ram?

Duke asked me why I was here.

We can't offer you any money.

We must find it.

Now just hold on a minute.

I know you had to do it.

Kristin is the owner of the company.

I called her from the hospital.

Nichael says he can't remember what happened.

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It's almost lunchtime.

He would serve a number of years.

Make sure Luc knows what he's supposed to do.

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You're not finished.

Doctors were called to the White House.

I swear I just saw Sasquatch!


Saul comes from a well-to-do family.

Maybe he likes you, too.

Suppressive cultures are often superstitious.

Jacob said all right.

Eventually, she succeeded.

He won her love.

She rolled her eyes in exasperation.

I don't want to be the bad guy anymore.

He was ambitious.


She looked at the sky.

I'm not leaving until you tell me what I want to know.

I didn't ask her to come here.

We can't add days to our life, but we can add life to our days.

That river is wide.


Does Warren need to come back here tomorrow?


You may not pick the flowers.

Tickets are $30 for general admission and $20 for students and seniors.

The flowers revived after the rain.

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We need to talk about this.

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Get her on the phone.

Is it true that horses sleep while standing up?

I'd really rather be alone right now.


Which is closer to Arabic in terms of sound, Spanish or Portuguese?

One of the two has to leave.

I'm going to try real hard to be nice to Jack.

I need to buy some stamps.

Ken has made it.

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Adolescents often quarrel with their parents.


Would you do something for me?

I want to leave here as soon as possible.

Kathleen said he felt seasick.

I wish the circumstances were different.

The program ended at 7:00 p.m.

As time goes on, China's economy gets stronger and stronger.

Bryan's cellphone vibrated on the table.

I expect Rabin will be back soon.

That has nothing to do with this.

The teacher, not having heard the bell, didn't stop talking.

I don't know exactly what to do.

I felt cheated.

Angus's father is in prison.


Space is actually a good insulator because it is difficult to transfer heat to nothing.

You're the only person I know that never complains about the food here.

That's not a bear anymore. That's bear goo.

Have you chosen what to do next Sunday yet?

I was hidden.


Vinod won three races in a row.

We had absolutely no control.

I have been blocked many times.


Please wash it.

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That guy is a total bummer.


I don't have time to do it.

This must be important.

I get the feeling that Judy doesn't know what he's doing.

The price is kind of high, but it's worth it.

The doctor said he wants you to quit drinking.

The cat's already out of the bag.

About how much would it cost to have this chair repaired?

There is one thing I want to ask.

It could be anyone's.

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Are you sure you can trust them?

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Do you know any authors who write in multiple languages?

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In 1958, the statue was built in the Hiroshima Peace Park.

We've all done things we're ashamed of.

I'm looking for a place to sleep.


Were you able to get the dishwasher to work?


I saw her for a moment, but then lost sight of her in the crowd.

Merril does what he says he'll do.

The new system proved a success.

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You should allow for a few rainy days on your trip.

He taught his children Russian.

Yesterday I went to the store to get my watch checked.

I practice yoga outdoors when I can.

A big day awaits us.

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She could not make both ends meet on her income.


Carlos rummaged through the drawer.

The police confirmed that Mosur was the murderer.

She said to me, "Who arrived first?"

It's a very long story.

Shel did the same thing I did.


The street is decorated with banners.


Egoism is the prime cause of cancer of soul.

Just get out.

What makes you think that way?

The car raced past the farm.

Laurie said it was OK to go home early.

I had something else on my mind.

Seth and Reiner were standing just outside the door, whispering to each other.

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She has a strong bias against abstract painting.

Sam was in time for his appointment.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.


A noise woke her up.

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Sean laughed to himself.


This is the way he treated me.

Let's not talk about that today.

We have nothing to apologize for.

What did you say to Margaret?

What are some other nabemono?

Kees is a member of the committee.

Beverly has been spying on us.

Apple tried a lot to design beautiful hardware.

We went for a walk in the park.