Watch where you're going.

The clock on the Lviv Town Hall was first installed in the year 1404.

What did Kurt say he needed?

Don't overdo it and wear yourself out, now.

None of the girls are students.

This is everyone's victory.

They don't know what they're talking about.

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Christofer is a little worried.

The company's fourth quarter results sharply improved from the preceding quarter.

Hsuan likes to watch Dorian dance.

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He said that he would have called at ten.

You can't ride a horse.

How could this all happen?

She is good at swimming.

Saqib could dance rather well.

We have the same intentions, but not the same modus operandi.

We can't call Sedovic as a witness.

She suffers from an incurable disease.

I have no other option.

That'll be my next problem to solve.

While in the queue at the ticket office, I understood that I should have had to rely on your camera to take more pictures!

I can't believe that you were the smartest kid in your class.

Tell him it's an emergency.


We should keep moving.

He received four e-mails.

Some books are on the table.

I can't take that last step. It's too difficult, too uncertain.

It's okay for a man to cry.


"It didn't work," thought Phillip and went to call John.

Voters may yet reject the misbegotten 'Dream Act'.

British scientists have established that if you turn the flag of Japan upside down, you get the flag of Japan.

Sjouke got on his bicycle.

Two adult tickets and three children's tickets to London, please.

The candidate whom I cast a vote for was elected.

Kamel had flu-like symptoms.

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I was the only one who knew about that.

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Sridharan died in a boating accident.

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His friends traveled to the town with me.

The corporal is on furlough.

The poor mother could not endure the unfilial behaviour of her son.

Amos can't remember exactly what Uri said.

Is it OK if I go out with him?

Everything was still.

Don't think that by insulting me you'll solve the fishermen's problems!

How many apples, then?

The moon has no light of its own, the light of the moon comes from the sun.

John and Laurianne come from the same country.

He often sits up late writing letters.


This feels kind of desperate.

I'm sorry I speak your beautiful language so poorly!

Sorry, good looking is not enough for me. Call me again when you will have grown beautiful.


Two riders sped past me, and soon vanished in the distance.

I think that this material is of benefit to everyone.

He proposed that another meeting be held next Monday.

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Markus showed me the letter that Spock had written in French.


May his soul rest in peace.


How much is that penny?


Doug didn't want Juha to know what he had done.

I'm dying to expand my business.

What you say is quite wide of the mark.

He has lunch.

Then certainly they had devoured us all, and swallowed quick for ought that we could deem; such was their rage, as we might well esteem. And as fierce floods before them all things drown, so had they brought our soul to death quite down.

I asked Jaime not to tell Takao.

I need this one.

The first of May is a holiday.

I have many things to do.


The demand was summarily rejected.

I'll try harder next time.

It's better for you to stay away from Byron.


All the family meet at evening meals.

We have missed our train.

You wouldn't have come if you didn't think there was something to gain.


I can't tell whether it landed upside down, inside out, or backwards.

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The weather outlook for tomorrow is not good.

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His story can't be true.

What do you think I'm doing?

I had no idea Erick was Donn's husband.


A scientist will read dozens of books in his lifetime, but still believe he has a lot more to learn.

I wish I could take back what I said.

Mr. Ford owns this land.

I talked to Louise a little while ago.

Children have everything, except what we take away from them.

I caught them in the act.

They're fools.


Can we go home now?

Meehan was wounded by a bullet in the neck.

Catherine says that he didn't do it.

Getting married is a serious matter.

I'll get you.

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What time does your break start?


This is a small acknowledgement of your kindness.


I don't want to discuss Delbert's problems with you.


What's your favorite way to spend time in Boston?

We went to New York by plane.

The bathroom is occupied now.

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Syed kept smiling.

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Masanobu lent me thirty dollars.

This animal is bigger than that one.

What are Ricardo and Linda complaining about?


It is difficult to speak three languages.

Having heard the story before, she didn't want to hear it again.

I grew up in Boston.

Do you see a ship on the horizon?

I only have a few hours.

Fred doesn't seem convinced.

Many working mothers struggle to balance their home and work lives.

Anton lived in Boston for several years.

Try and do your homework by yourself.

Victory and defeat aren't solely decided by the size of your army.

Do you know if Jess is here?

I have everything.

I never say anything, even though it gets on my nerves.


He lost all hope.

Good to be here.

Florian and Marshall must be very hungry.

Finland needs you.

The government was overthrown in a revolutionary coup.

Sorry for being late.

Sally put his cell phone on his desk.

Don't ever underestimate them.

Young as he is, he has a large family to support.

Bill thought it was a stupid plan.

If we miss the train, we'll go by bus.

What do you think? Does it suit me? It's what servants wear around here.

This butter is domestic, but it is in no way inferior to foreign butter.

Can't you do something?

All the passengers aboard were killed in the crash.

I didn't want to make you uncomfortable.

I hope he won't be disappointed.

Everybody knew it, but I didn't care.

"What did you think of the movie?" "It was okay, I guess."

I have to get them out of here.

I just can't get used to this.

Mileage varies with driving conditions.

Kit appreciated all the letters Nicolo sent him while he was in prison.

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Shut up and dig!

There is an important alliance between these two countries.

I've got two books.

It's done!

You hurt a man.

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I don't always approve of his methods.


I don't remember actually deciding to do that.


I'd like to improve my Hungarian skills.

I know what you've done.

I don't think I have to tell you why.


Raul has a full beard.

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By a stroke of luck I found my keys in the rubbish bin.

He began to feel afraid.

A car is a machine for turning fuel into obesity.


Gee, it sure is boring around here!

Takao was like a dad to me.

Every man who saw it would get hot to be a warrior.


She stole my clothes!

I want to show you how well I can dance now.

This camera is Pratap's favorite.


Emma is sloshed.

It'll be a long wait.

You're not a god.

Don't let Antony hurt Steven.

I was unable to look her in the face.

It's a big hospital.

He was not completely satisfied with the treaty.