We needed Ji's help.

I got what you wanted.

I think that's a problem.

She has no faults.

I appreciate that you have not had time to write.

Hurry up, or you'll miss the bus.

You'll be scolded when your mother comes home.

I bought you a present.

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This tanker is bound for Kuwait.


Don't play poker with him.

I found Tareq's secret hiding place.

Fortune is the rod of the weak, and the staff of the brave.

She doesn't want to go to church.

What are we going to do today?

I already told you it was an accident.

The game was very interesting.

You shouldn't have told Pascal that.

Why is Frederick here?


Do you have more than one mobile phone?

Can Larry complete his mission?

Bobby is now straightening up his room.

That big one is also mine.

We know the time when we were poor.


Where are they?

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I am happy about your good luck.


Here's to a long and happy life!

They're reading a book.

We were very close.


Would you mind waiting a moment?

I happen to agree with them.

Lanny told Izchak to be patient.

Stacey did a somersault.

She is old.

The boy isn't aware of his parents' efforts to raise him.

He dreaded having to spend Christmas in hospital.

I think I can get through this book tonight.

All those efforts came to nothing.


I was impatient for her arrival.

Lloyd was terrific.

Marguerite can't do it all on his own.

Aaron decided to learn to live with the problem.

People always want to blame someone else for all their problems.

There's a spring in the center of the village.

Tax wise, it is an attractive arrangement.

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Try to act natural.

The weather forecast say it's going to rain tomorrow.

What's the name of the girl we saw at the festival?

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Dariimaa rarily drew birds and animals.

Noam yelled at me for no reason.

That's to me like a flower on lofty heights.

This machine is now out of date.

She was from Kyoto, as was evident from her accent.

A child who is a native speaker usually knows many things about his or her language that a non-native speaker who has been studying for years still does not know and perhaps will never know.

The only greatness for man is immortality.


The river suddenly narrows at this point.

There's also anger at having seen rights seized.

Have either of you run into any problems?

He likes tigers.

The audience was largely made up of very young children.


I wouldn't think of doing that.


He is just killing time.

I only had some pineapple for breakfast.

It's up to you how you spend your free time.

I'll meet you at the ball park.

Cris said goodbye and then walked out the front door.


Life as it is is very uninteresting to him.

She put her glasses back on.

Can I help you folks?

After all day in the sun, Boyce had a sunburned nose.

I must start doing the exercises.

He struck a match.

Cliff lost his job because the firm decided that a robot could do his job better.

Each man has his own field of work.

Daniele wanted to thank Eduardo in person.

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I don't have any job leads.

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She makes nothing of getting up early.

Why are you talking about money?

My wife beats me.


We must learn to walk before we can run.

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Every day they killed a llama to make the Sun God happy.

Bernie moved into the underbrush.

Ricky has been crying.

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It's rather amusing.


Gabriel was sneered at.

Every time I think of Sumitro, I get a lump in my throat.

Disabled people can't stand it when people pity them.

Maybe somebody wants that.

I'm not very good at remembering names.

I don't want it to change.

I can get a doctor for you.


We can't publish this story.

Something in his face really reminded me of an old boyfriend of mine.

I was late for work.

Can you frame this picture?

The city became popular thanks to the amusement park constructed last year.


Follow behind me.

I would like to exchange this watch with a cheaper one.

Capitalists assume people are competitive in nature.

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Strange things happened in that house.

"It was worth the two-hour wait." "Yeah! I'll cherish this signature for a lifetime."

Vincenzo told me to stay in my room.

They cast bronze into a statue.

Give me what you've got.

The registration deadline is coming up.

You're only just in time.

This is Mr Suzuki speaking.

That box is too small to put all of this in.

Are there any students from Korea in your class?

We took his story on trust.


It's going badly.


Hello again.


Ron opened the freezer and got out the ice cream.


Pray, of what land or lineage should I rightly call you?

I hope you'll get his support.

The weather is good.


Is Tad still dating Suzan?

What's with the luggage?

I'd like to go with you if you don't mind.


I just don't feel like doing that tonight.

I'm just intimidated by his blank, judgemental face.

Seeing that he's not preparing at all, it seems that he's not planning to take the exam.

Why didn't anyone say anything?

I don't feel like dealing with Case right now.

The people will decide at the ballot box.

Morris asked Molly to be home by six-thirty.

I speak a little Japanese.

He retorted immediately.

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Knock it off, guys.

Lance described Seenu quite well, so it was easy to recognize her when I saw her.

I was injured while I was skiing.

The atmosphere in this restaurant is nice.

Children came running in terror from the different spookhouses along the street.

There are ducks on the pond.

Everyone should be extra careful.

Pieter knows his way around a movie set.

There was a detour on the road.


I paid in a lump sum when I bought a television set.


This bird is in danger of dying out.


I remember seeing that gentleman somewhere.

When he saw me, he pretended to be asleep.

The electricity went out, but it's back on now.

Do you see something interesting?

None of us knew his decision to win the long-distance race.

This part of the tune needs some real skill. It took me ages to learn how to play it on the piano.

Fall from reality.

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You saved us.


I want to find out what happens next!


I loved Kyung.


Do you really want Ram to suffer?

This is your book.

I wonder if this water is drinkable.

Johann's very upset about something.

You've been expelled.


She's just jealous of your youth.

Maybe you shouldn't tell them.

President Alejandro Johnson restored dignity and stability to the country.


TV has robbed us of our enjoyment of conversation at dinner at home.

Temperatures in the mesosphere drop with increasing altitude to about -100 degrees C.

The patient is in danger.

Why do you give him money?

Get out of here.