We didn't have many visitors this summer.

Edmund had no intention of giving up.

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What's the remedy?


I didn't want to disappoint my parents.

All of these abilities are passed on to us by genetic transmission; we receive them by way of the genes that we inherit from our parents.

He went bankrupt.

That has to be a misprint.

Curdken was very angry, and wouldn't speak to her.

I could see traffic lights ahead of my car.

Hotta was at home.

They therefore don't concern themselves about using condoms.

I owe what I am to your assistance.


This temple dates back to 780.

I usually go jogging right after work.

Angela certainly plays the guitar well.

May I take a rest?

Naoto ruined my life.

She didn't share her husband's excitement.

You lied to us.

I just can't seem to make contact.

He killed the goose, foolishly.

Kate drinks a lot of milk every day.

It doesn't sound so good.

I figured everyone was busy.

I called him.

The proof is irrefutable.

If you see Jarl, don't forget to ask him how his wife's doing.

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Hail, friend.

It's a beautiful painting.

Today is a beautiful day for a picnic.

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Come and get it.

What's your blog about?

I won't speak to them.

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Time is not money. - Time is life.

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Fool me once, I'm mad. Fool me twice, how could you? Fool me three times, you're officially that guy, okay? You know him, you know the one. You go to the bar and he's like, "This suit is like, uh, officially it's a Giorgio Armani, actually my dad knows him." Fuck you! I ain't havin' that shit!


Why don't you head on home?


That isn't the case in Japan.


I don't want you putting yourself at risk.

Do you have a theory?

One should always tell the truth.


The cheap prices tempted me to buy things I didn't need.

A shiver ran down my spine.

They arrived too soon.


Marie denied having done it.

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I think it's time for me to split some more firewood.


We understand that the Woody Panel retails for $80.

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You are my prisoner.

She detested the manager.

His eyes are blue.


I haven't changed.

Don't worry. Everything will be all right.

I think we've made some real progress.


Courtney fell down the stairs.

The last guest did that.

I came to tell you that you don't need to worry.

I haven't seen him yet.

They bubbled over with joy.


I'm giving you a direct order.

Do you have much snow here?

It's almost impossible to avoid eating genetically modified food.


I didn't much like Herman.


I don't recall ever wanting to be a fireman or a baseball player as a youth.

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It is a wonderful ring!

I told you that I wasn't busy.

Show me some respect.

That'll make me happy.

What is on at the theater this month?

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It looks like you've regained your confidence.

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Ze can't be a victim of sexual harassment against hirself...for now.

I can't come today, and not tomorrow, either.

I'm sorry, Amarth, I didn't mean that to sound like an insult.

He set up the school.

I didn't sleep well last night.

Dan didn't even comment on Linda's picture.

My grandfather's picture is on the wall.

Alison is incorrect.

Darren continued to study French for another three years.

We need lumber to build a barn.

A pine stands in front of his house.

Franklin readily accepted the offer.

When he came to, he was lying in the park.

I got the ticket free of charge.

I can speak Japanese.

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We're not going to talk to Wilson.

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Nobody knows the original language of their holy writings.

It was he who told me about that.

I can't eat spicy food like I used to.

Blows were exchanged.

Camillus returned to the city triumphant.

He shook his head.

Do you have something to hide?

John can't speak French very well.

Don't worry, be happy.

I arrived at the stadium at 4 PM but the game had already started.

We need somebody.

Please come to my house.

Athletes usually abstain from smoking.


Whatever the origin is, Valentine's Day has had a long and romantic history.

There's no salt.

The older, the wiser.

Do you have any new potatoes?

I never read this book without being reminded of my old days.

Milner has a secret admirer.

Would you consider giving me a small loan?

You can always tell a man by the kind of woman that is with him.

Is this harmful to my health?


Maybe nobody else saw what happened.

Tell Barry I don't want to go.

It's one of our specialties.


Elisabeth is back to normal.

I expected better of you.

No sign of the enemy in our surroundings.


Our efforts will soon bear fruit.

Norbert has already done everything we asked him to do.

I think that's an exaggeration.

Sekar wants to wear jeans.

I hardly know you.


Liza was uncommonly good at remembering customers' orders, which, sadly, kept her out of any managerial positions.

Ninja has a marine aquarium.

I lost my son about a decade ago.

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She is going to have another blouse made to go with her costume.

A product has been launched that uses the power from the USB to keep hot drinks warm.

That was all Hy told me I had to do.

I built this company.

Todd is considered very reliable.

These special characteristics explain its preference for still-hunting (lying motionless beside a seal's breathing hole, waiting for one to surface).

Naomi is old enough to decide for himself.

There are still some dry states in the U.S.

Am I right in saying that, like me, you study Spanish?


Is that your sister?

Iron is used in building ships.

I'm sorry I couldn't meet you at the airport.

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We were the most disgraced of people, and Allah granted us honor with Islam. No matter how much we seek honor in other than that which Allah honored us with, Allah shall disgrace us

UN, as you know, stands for the United Nations.

Look out! There's a car coming.

Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

I don't know what it is, but it's something very big.


He's just self-centered.

It's been a long time.

Nichael never asked why.

Sergei got to the station too late so he missed the train.

They don't have to go to school today.

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This is a table.

Maybe I should study German.

She applied for a visa.

Out of all the people at your school, who do you like the most?

My friend has had three jobs in a year; he never sticks to anything for long.


We've come a long way to find you.


What language do you speak with your parents?


I would've told you how to do it right.

One recognizes the craftsman by his work.

I was very tired so I went to bed early.

Did you happen to meet him?

Oskar works for a trading company in Boston.

It seems that many people don't know the difference between "loose" and "lose".

Krzysztof was babbling.


The snow prevented his going out.

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I explained the rules of the game to them.

The World Cup final wil be refereed by a Mexican doctor.

I want to take Glenn home.