I know a place we can get something to eat.

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George was like a brother.


If sitcoms float your boat, then you should watch this one.

Justin removed his goggles.

I don't know if Edmond is available.

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There are no clouds in the sky.

My life is like a sick joke.

Marc became more and more handsome as he grew older.

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He's a sophomore.

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If you were footing the bill, you wouldn't say that.

Your dog was born this year.

The US will one day elect its first woman president, and there will be rejoicing in the long overdue occasion.

Why did Florian give you this anyway?

Konstantinos dozed off.

Go ahead and try it on.

Do you know what PKO stands for?

I'm sure I can persuade him.

Lenora usually gives good advice.

Whom are you going to come with?

My daddy and mommy are getting a divorce.

I want to eat Chinese noodles.

My parents enjoy skiing every winter.


Jean-Christophe is madly in love with Kamiya.


I am filled with joy because Heather and Hans like our traditional Chinese cuisine.


This is the mystery book I enjoyed reading the most.

It was good enough.

We shouldn't swim here.

We're losers.

Sooner or later, everyone will know all your secrets.

What you've done is profitable only to the enemy.

Your car is a block away.

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I saw Arnold hitting on Olof.


We had a good time last night.

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I'm afraid I've contracted a venereal disease.

I'm not sure I want to give this to Curt.

She's a total sweetheart.

The man that I visited was Mr. Doi.

You look very beautiful tonight.

I recommend it strongly.

He had been reading for two hours when she came in.

She will get over the shock soon.

I didn't think you could keep it a secret.

Janos has agreed to join our team.

I'm not so sure this is such a good idea.

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Socorrito wasn't very happy at being interrupted.

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I'm too busy for this.

I spent three years looking for a good director, but couldn't find one.

You can't enter that bookstore with your shirt off.

Israel's very effusive.

Santa likes to watch TV.

What's unusual about that?

I received your note.

The United Nations will deal with that international problem.

Hillel is in the lead.

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I wasn't overweight when I was a kid.

Don't cry, there's a dear.

Well, it seems like Phil Anselmo will have to step aside.

There's no doubt that Briggs poisoned Hitoshi.

I'm not going if Liber goes.


What tempted him to come home?

I need a rest after so many completely full days.

That was discouraging.

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Debi didn't tell me that he didn't have a driver's license.

Are these bags yours?

He called to say he'd be late.

She asked him to come into her house.

Who's to say it's not what's supposed to happen?

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Have you finished that book yet?

Damon asked me to pass him the salt and pepper.

He has never cleaned his room.

The more you wait, the worse it's going to get.

Ahmed spends very little time with his family.

Santa is there.

Do you feel bored?

Before long, she came into my room.

A fortune teller once told Christopher Columbus that he would become a famous man. Columbus, in turn, got angry and demanded his money back - claiming that even a child could state something so obvious.

For a while you will stay here with us.

Anatole is a gang member. You should stay away from him.

Pratapwant isn't interested in anything Liyuan has to say.

I want to hear your version of what happened.

It's really classy.

Please list alternate dates.

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I can't sleep because of the noise.

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It ain't over 'til it's over.

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I think I succeeded in convincing Alexis to help us tomorrow.


Jerrie was killed in 2013.


I know his true name and where he lives.

Let's just admit we're wrong.

Herve may be back.


I knew you could do so much better.


What does it concern you? That's my business!

Dale is still in the kitchen.

Check your order.

The black and white bears living in the mountains in China and Tibet are called 'pandas'.

There seems to be a problem.


I have to go tell Takayuki about what happened.

It's fair today, so we can work all day.

A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the banjo and doesn't.

You've been wonderful.

Wait till I tell Lindsey before you tell Drew.

I don't know how I should do it.

Sanjeev is with his friends.

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If we're going to play, make your mind up about the rules!


My parents don't speak English.

I want someone to tell me why Calvin isn't here today.

His joke was great.

She's doing it to me out of spite.

He is my teacher.

I hired them.

He died one year ago.


He told us such funny stories that we all laughed.

She brought hers.

What can you afford?

No swimming unless a lifeguard is present!

My father didn't eat much fruit.

Case doesn't know what Luis expects from him.

The hotel charged me 8,000 yen for the room.

I need coughing medicine.

Where's my room?

Tie the horse to that tree.

Joyce whispered something into Andries's ear.

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Nobody could have guessed, in those days, the place in history that Martin Luther King, Jr. was to have.

She's a tarot reader.

I'll be leaving now.

It was an awkward moment.

They arrived in Paris at the same time.

Take good care of them.

One of us should talk to him.

Who do you think you are that I should answer to you?

How do you know they're not just giving you a weird look because you have a funny face?

I thought that only I had thought of that.

Denis came up with a good plan.

Fred is good at keeping secrets.

I can't believe you did this.

I've wanted this CD player for a long time.

Marie had a huge smile on his face.

I should've done this earlier.

She accepted our invitation.


They corrected it.


I won't let it happen.


You need not do so.


She loves to gossip.

It is impossible to read her handwriting.

We've given it a great deal of thought.


You won't be late, will you?

The cow forgot that it once was a calf.

We ordered pink, but we received blue.


It's swings and roundabouts.

He's been in the service for 50 years.

Four boys are making their way along the street.

I need Billy's money.

Are we done yet?

I know what it's like to be heartbroken.

I'm working with him now.

The game is boring.

Tell her to pick up the phone.

It looked like Elaine had fallen down and hurt himself.

Lenny is riding his bicycle.


Taxes are too high.

We'll reach Boston before dark.

I brought mine.

Vaughn is very capable.

I knew I felt something.