What is DayOff?

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DayOff is a new service offered to any employee in need of time away from work for any reason, without affecting their employers progress or production.

DayOff also provides a new way for anyone with verifiable work experience to access new jobs added to the market with each time off request approved.

No PTO or Sick Days left?

With the use of a DayOff replacement, you only pay a small service fee and still receive your full day(s) pay.

Work Anywhere

With Positions available Nationwide and Global, choose to work where you want.

Job Security

When you use a DayOff employee to cover your shift, you are able to leave work without hurting your employers’ production and/or process.

Great Pay! and Placement

Competitive Pay and Positions with Verified Work Experience.

Need to leave work?

With same day replacement you can leave work for any reason, without leaving your employer short staffed.

Be your own Boss

Set your own work hours and location.

Who is DayOff?

Live Your Life.

The Founders of DayOff, Anthony Alonge, David Alonge, and Jordan Williams met in 1999 after they each moved to Texas with their families from California (Jordan) and England (Anthony and David). DayOff was started while they were road warriors, who spent 10+ years away from home traveling the country working an average of 80 hours a week. This began to wear on their determination to reach financial stability, and no end to their cycle of being away from home seemed possible.

During one of their jobs on contract in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2017, the founders were mentally and physically drained after another 80+ hour work week, and discussed a way to take a DayOff from work without affecting the process or production.

The result was an agreement that a mobile app, that allows you to request a replacement like us for your shift(s), was the answer to our problem.

Why Do I Need A DayOff?

Take a DayOff and get your life back.

People have many reasons why they have to leave work or would like to, but can’t because their job might be at risk or production would be too negatively affected.

DayOff gives people the security to take time away from their job, to take care of anything that comes up in their life.



Take a DayOff and get your life back.

Live Your Life with DayOff.

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