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Jussi is someone you can trust.

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I couldn't do anything about that.

You can't let Nanda get away with that.

It's a tourist area.

It's so nice to be by ourselves.

Some songs come from Scotland.

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We'll be home at about 11:00.


My brother Jacques is fourteen years old.


He will survive.


Ima handed Jesper his cell phone.

She complained to him about the food.

Bret is shy around strangers.

Let me tell you a little bit of the inside story.

When will Esperanto win?

The house is not ideal, but it's all right.

If I'm unemployed, I can't save up any money.

Barney walked off the dance floor.

It's so impersonal.

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Maybe you should quit.

Take the battery off the machine.

Our train must still wait for the arrival of yet another train.

Alastair isn't contributing, is he?

Ro isn't going to be at today's meeting.


Do you know him that much?


He was the last person I expected to see.

Linder put her piano up for sale.

I'm really not interested in politics.

The river supplies the city with electricity.

He expresses himself in a strange way.

"Have a great weekend!" "Same to you!"

What's important is that you're trying.


Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

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Margaret knew no one.

Are you thinking of buying it?

Naren showed Ken another fortune teller.

Can you tell me how to get to the airport?

His eyes are like emeralds.

Have you decided not to wait?

Can I use your phone for a sec?


What do you recommend I do to get back into shape?


I'm just trying to do my job.

We suggest raising the fees.

Nobody saw Blaine do it.

Wes used to be poor.

What makes you think that'll happen?

Less is less than more, and more is more than less.

We'll read this book until the end of the year.

Like it?

Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.


Actually, I know that.

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They know something.


He advocated abolishing class distinctions.


Am I allowed to ask how you feel?

To make a good translation of an artistic text, you have to try to think about and feel what motivated the author of the original text.

Oskar was definitely the best-looking guy in our class.

That's not for me to say.

Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.


Please be quick about it.

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I don't care what you say, Ping.

The rural exodus depopulated entire villages in this region of Germany.

Terri speaks French much better than Trent does.

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French is spoken in France and in some parts of Italy.


Can Bert afford that?

Dan gave Linda all the money he had saved up.

It's forbidden to make the dogs pee.


What is she doing out here?


No place is safe.

If we don't end war, war will end us.

He was given a tip three weeks ago that two companies would merge.

Please make yourselves at home, and help yourselves to drinks.

I'll be waiting out front.

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I didn't come here for a drink.


I feel like I can tell you anything.


She was released on the grounds that she was insane.

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That's a pale pail, pal.


All the passengers aboard were killed in the crash.

I want to do this for Norman.

I lost my watch yesterday.

Never tell the truth when a lie will do.

I was late, right?

Joseph's eyes are powerful.

Have you lived here long?

I shouldn't have said anything.

I heard that Cathrin used to live in Boston.

I would like an apple.

Rayan is massaging Marnix's shoulders.

Betty walked to Park Street and then turned left.

Marc wants me to quit this job.

I came to tell you that I'm quitting.

He's no spring chicken.

He doesn't have the strength to say anything.

He is always looking for praise.

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Some people have nothing to do in life!

I haven't been to a concert in a long time.

They need a sharp knife.

The hotel is run by his uncle.

We're shaken.

He's already beginning to talk.

"Professor, what's happened?" - "Guys, my orange was trying to seize the world with his black... moustache!" - "You're crazy, right?" - "Right."


Daryl held on to the rope as long as he could.

Nobody saw me leave the room.

We're supposed to be helping them.

How much do you love him?

Do not worry about that!

She found a man injured.

The police spent hours searching Shahid's place, but they couldn't find the murder weapon.


Jacob doesn't trust the police.

Timo is trying to get a green card.

I'm starving! Hurry and give me something to eat.

I cannot make Taninna happy. She doesn't love me.

Look at this.


How many gallons does it take to fill your tank?

Radek was careful not to make too much noise.

I don't think Lila needed to be here.

I'm going to give Mongo a bath.

The elephant is bigger than all the other animals.

I'm going to vote for you.

Ilya shouldn't have borrowed Nelken's car.

The question is how he will get the money.

Leila is a little older than me.

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Today, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of genocide struggle for recognition of the massacres, seeking justice for past crimes on behalf of family members who were brutally murdered.

He doesn't know how to ride a bike.

We always arrive late.


Hitoshi is still on this floor.

He broke the window by throwing a stone.

He's good in the sack.

He was interested in only the pursuit of wealth.

You've defeated them.

What importance did Nationalism have?

How many clients do you have?


We're ready for whatever might come.

Who could take the place of him?

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.

The text is too long.

We'll need that.

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She said, "Trust me."


She wanted to go, and her father let her go.

I built this company.

I'm hoping that'll continue.

After the demise of Stalin, Korolev gained the support of the new leader, Nikita Khrushchev.

I am sure exploits will be found.

I haven't got much money with me.

I met with an old woman.

You idiot!

Hiroyuki knew this would happen.

He made every effort to pass the exam.

I speak Gibberish best.

No, faith, not a jot; but to follow him thither with modesty / enough, and likelihood to lead it; as thus: Alexander died, / Alexander was buried, Alexander returneth into dust; the dust is / earth; of earth we make loam; and why of that loam (whereto he / was converted) might they not stop a beer barrel? / Imperious Caesar, dead and turn'd to clay, / Might stop a hole to keep the wind away. / O, that that earth which kept the world in awe / Should patch a wall t' expel the winter's flaw!

I always hitchhike.

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A problem immediately arose.

Have you ever seen this logo before?

On foot, you'll arrive within thirty minutes.


Is it poisonous?

We didn't notice our passing youth.

This is the house where that poet lived when he was a child.

I want to learn Chinese next year.

We've been lied to so many times.


That's all we've been doing.

How can I lose weight?

They have some beautiful pictures for sale.