That's not how you spell my name.


I can't agree with your opinion.


I have no more time to talk with you.

There is no God and no Buddha.

He is dreaming of becoming an astronaut.

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If your honor wants to, we'll go.

Some people think that advertising is a form of brainwashing.

We'll be right with you.


Italian men never help in the house.

Everybody will die.

He was very happy in his school days.

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Mike walked up to the boy.

He caught the chicken.

Which one was it?


Jim wrote to me last week and said he had come back two months before.

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You never stop learning.


My grandmother is very old.

And why shouldn't we admit that pleasure of every kind is an important goal in life?

You don't accept credit cards?

We may have made a mistake.

I advise you to listen to us.

Vidhyanath hasn't smoked since he was old enough to legally smoke.

You can change your name if you have good reasons to. And I'm sure you have, Scott!


You are at it again.

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I hope you die.

Vadim pretended he didn't see it.

Somebody, open this door, please.

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Norwegian is the official language of Norway.


When was the last time you sharpened this knife?


Many young girls like that singer.

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We saw a little light in the distance.

Cary closed the drawer.

It's been a tough year for Dimetry.

Don't be presumptuous.

Surya gave me another chance.

Tony and his mother arrived at the farmhouse and walked through the farmyard.

Piete, I still love you very much.


If there's anything else you need, just let me know.

I don't need a gun.

What's that awful sound?


You can ask her yourself.

I don't know if he locked the door.

I don't make their children cry.

I come from a big family.

I don't care what happens, I'm still going to tell your parents.

My sister went to Italy to study.

Take her for a swim.

An investigation is ongoing.

Get out of here, now!


I've been trying to talk to you ever since you got here.


She let him go.

My friend is stupid.

I'm here not to look for happiness but to find it.


At least I'm honest and I say I'm not perfect.


I'm not in any particular hurry.

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Brad put the book on the shelf.

If it's all the same to you, I think I'll give it a miss.

That was the dream.


Tricia was an adventurous boy.

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That's not what I was talking about.


Many migratory birds come to this pond every year in winter.

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Huey is his brother.

I love Jane, and I like that.

I told her to quickly finish the report.

You're off the hook.

He fell asleep while driving and caused an accident.

There are two police officers at door.

We should tell him the truth.


Why don't they do something?

I should've told him the truth.

The battery is flat.

I am in need of a responsible person.

If it isn't out of your way, please take this letter to the post office.


Sergeant leaned over the table and kissed Ernst.

It was a scurrilous attack.

It's a little easier said than done.


I'm inclined to think that you're right.

They didn't win, did they?

I can't pay Anton.

Have you visited the town where your father was born?

If you drink the water, follow the custom.

You didn't give Brenda a chance.

She was arrested.

I've been wanting to do that for a long time.

Hubert has experience as a veterinarian.


Why? Because I said so.

I needed to eat.

About 30 million tourists come to Venice each year.


In America, many people have fences around their homes.

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She waited and waited, but he never came back.

"Angela and Jacques have been divorced for over three years." "Really? I had no idea."

I'm going to get my own way this time.


The teacher pointed out the grammatical errors made by the students.

Don't blame yourself, Murph.

We should go this way.

Why are you even talking to me?

So what is the plan?


Now, now, eat quickly, you have to go to kindergarten.

Please keep the windows open.

God told Israel not to even mention the name of pagan gods, but the church has a celebration that is named after a pagan god.

I know somebody who can help us.

How could he see anything in such darkness?


As I've just explained, Guy won't be going to Boston.


You hate her, don't you?

The Viking expansion from the 9th century onwards reached areas such as Normandy, Galicia, Andalusia, Sicily and Crimea.

To say the least, he seems to be a bad person.

Apart from the result, your intention was good.

Typhoons generally head for Japan.

The shopping center is a mile further down the road.

Lisa's preference for classical music was not shared by Mark.

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Who taught you these arpeggios?


Do you sell desk lamps here?

He comes home from his trip to Europe tomorrow.

Ben is supposed to help Harmon do the laundry.

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He rocks.

A hedge between keeps friendship green.

Tandy used to come here once a month.


I'm sure your father would be very proud of you.

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I like his personality, but I don't find him attractive.


All of the boys were wearing gloves.

Tell me there's a reason.

Patty knew who Rob's father was.

In the world of words, the imagination is one of the forces of nature.

I'm going to tell you a secret.

What were you doing yesterday?

Who's your favorite singer-songwriter?

The woman spends a lot on shoes.

Example sentences are the future.

I really like snow.

His steps were clearly marked in the snow.

Reputations are volatile. Loyalties are fickle. Management teams are increasingly disconnected from their staff.

I'm not doing that today.

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I knew you'd come around.

It hurts when I urinate.

It took me about an hour to read this book through.

We're going to lose, aren't we?

Er? What did I come to this room for?

You're the only person I know who is from Boston.

When they had lived happily together for a few years, the King's mother, who was a wicked woman, began to slander the young Queen, and said to the King, "This is a common beggar girl whom thou hast brought back with thee. Who knows what impious tricks she practises secretly!"

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Speak more slowly!


My grandfather is in his nineties.

Spring has come later this year compared with last year.

What don't I understand?


I know you were in Boston last summer.

She gave me access to her records.

May comes after April.

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We could write them a letter.

Everyone does what he wants.

We all live in the same dormitory.

"Do you know Slartibartfast?" "I don't believe I do."

Put the words in alphabetical order.

What are you complaining about?

Presley's path is a difficult one.