Is Victor your nephew?

I fell down the stairs.

Yesterday, the man whose daughter works at your company came by.


The magic is gone.

God is silent. Now if only man would shut up.

The police cruiser pulled to a stop near the spot where the accident happened.


She surprised her husband.


I cannot catch birds. I don't like that.

He must succeed to his father's business.

Did you see where I put my hat?


It is not easy to learn a foreign language.

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Raphael is a scumbag.

Don't lose sleep over that.

Can I speak to you outside?

She was wearing dark brown shoes.

It won't be long before we can enjoy space travel.

She made him clean his room.

I see much future potential in you.

What was the matter with her?

I can't believe you told them.


Come to the meeting.

You have to do to work. Work won't come to you.

I don't plan to do that until Jon tells me to.

You're doing us a great service.

We don't have that kind of money.

Our teacher is a real idiot.

Hugh goes to the same school as Paula does.

The boy learned the famous poem by heart soon after he read it.

We should've bought three bottles of wine.

I want you to lay back and relax.

That's not what you promised.

I forgot it in the garage.

I wonder if it will clear up tomorrow.

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I'm washed up.

Is that an original painting?

I am teaching Berber.

Where am I from?

Kurt couldn't put up with King any longer.

I can't afford to buy a used car.

I don't believe that Santa Claus is imaginary.


The girl is afraid of dogs.


I think we ought to go back to Boston.


It started glowing.

She mended her socks.

Kees hung up his keys on the hook.

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A look of contentment appeared on his face.

Two of the coffee cups were found to be damaged on arrival.

The anthropologist is piecing together pottery shards she unearthed at the excavation site.

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All the stoat-related sentences I've been adding are really just a set-up for one big joke.

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I'm not at work today.

It's a red card!

The project is not going well.


They can't have gone far.

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Speech is silver, silence is gold.

Could you tell me how to get to Park Street?

I liked that song.

We must treat these problems as a whole.

Why did I not die then!


We're all going to be just fine.


I'm pretty sure that Dani knows we're here.

School was exciting.

I should be enjoying Sunday with my family.

She's outraged.

They were confronted with many problems.


My grandfather breathed his last on that night.

What Mosur said wasn't exactly a compliment.

When was the last time you added sentences to Tatoeba?

The leaves of the trees turn yellow in fall.

Who is that lady?

Prakash and Siegurd will leave today.

The leader of the party is a famous scientist.


They thought McKinley was wrong to take the Philippines.


If there are too many irons in the fire in too short a time, good strategy cannot result.

I can't change what happened.

You just have to trust each other.

Mara is the same age as Oscar.

Two men came up to me.

Cory continued his relationship with that married woman.

Their marriage is a sham.


I won't blow the whistle.

I have no one to play with.

Myron doesn't know the difference between Iraq and Iran.

The reply came after three days.

She batted her eyelashes.

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Stacy is in Boston now, isn't he?

There is no reason why you shouldn't do such a thing.

This is a photo of my painting.


The radio is so noisy.

Russ gave Ernest something cold to drink.

I hate it when people try to duck their responsibilities.


She is on the radio.

Usually I don't buy anything on the Internet.

Millions of men lost their jobs.

You talked to her, right?

Mike has a couple of friends in Florida.

It's the first time in my life I've felt so connected with someone.

When did you retire?

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Action, not words.

Do you think you can fix it?

It won't be a long time before he gets well.

That's a ridiculous idea.

Rolfe began wearing glasses when he was three.


I understand you're a personal friend of Vick.


You're the one.

I've always wanted to visit another planet.

I have never loved you.

Does that price include soup and salad?

I had a rough day.

Carol is going to sell his house.

My eyes, my eyes!

We need to find somewhere to hide.

I'm not kidding!


So what happened?


I'm not asking her.

Are you going to arrest me?

I'm not tall.

You were right, too.

Drew is very unhappy, isn't he?


Whip the egg-whites until they are stiff.

They reached their goal.

How much fun do you think it'll really be?

I'm feeling fine now.

There's a grocery store on this street.

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In urban planning, infill is the use of land within a built-up area for further construction.

That's my dictionary.

Isn't it good to have friends?

You'll never find him.

I want to stay here a couple more days.


Nicolette is very good at problem solving.

That doesn't seem right to me.

She was red like a tomato.

You'll spook him.

In the same period, the number of urban netizens in China reached one hundred and twenty five million, making up 21.6% of the total urban population.

If you like beer, you might like wine.

Did you remember to buy sugar?


It is not walls that protect men but men that protect walls.

It seems like it will snow in the evening.

Teruyuki is having trouble dealing with his son's suicide.

Diana will help us, won't he?

For instance, in my father's business the timing of sales and purchases was very important, and he would sometimes write or say to his colleagues "There is a tide," without going into detail.

Justin is hilarious.

He began to be a problem.

Varda and Monica were talking in French.

Would you mind my staying here for some time?

Bernie has many friends in Boston.

Jason deserves much better.

What could be better than that?

He broke relations with them.


He looked quite handsome in his suit and tie.

I feel like watching TV.

Unexploded ordnance is found every year in Europe.

Vinod is the only boy in his class.

Everybody agrees with you.

On the whole, I agree with you.

If it hadn't been for that anonymous tip, we would never have solved the case.

They mark down goods at that shop.

Tell me who Hsi was talking to.

We're expected back in Boston on Monday.

He needs money.

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Who's the fellow that just said hello to you?

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He yielded to temptation and took drugs.


I need you by my side.